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Smart Trenching 



Drainage lines have been trenched for decades and is now available for big diameter (HDPE) pipelines. 

Up until a diameter of 800mm can be handled efficiently

Adjustable to depth, crossing shallow water crossings, applying a sand-bed below, on top or both and with exact global positioning to map it's location. Reducing the construction footprint up to 40%

Latest development is a cable layer that can trench 3 cables at once. Including top and bottom sand-bed.

- Less on site crane activity

- Agricultural disturbance reduced

- Lead time reduction

- Cost efficient

- CO2 reduction

- HDPE pipe in line

-HDPE pipe on a rol

- High Voltage Cable

- Steel pipe



work area regular pipelaying.jpg
work area regular pipelaying.jpg

3 in 1 cable layer

3 in line trenching.png