Mobile on-site extrusion 

Inno Trench, in cooperation with MVOI and Dutch Orange Trading brings the next step in underground infrastructure.

Inno-Trench produces and trenches your endless pipeline on site, saving time, reducing logistical movements, welding, heavy (lifting) equipment and disruption to the surroundings and environment to a minimum.


- HDPE pipe in line

-HDPE pipe on a rol

- High Voltage Cable

- Steel pipe

- HDPE pipe produced  on site

- less transport movement

- less handling

- pipes are made seamless

- to specific lengths:

- reducing number of welds

- increasing the quality

By reducing steps in the flow of production the advantages are realized:

- less contamination / cleaning

- quicker lead times

- cost savings on:

- procurement of pipes

- transport

- welding

- cleaning