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 AERATOR 800-8


The AERATOR is specialized in cleaning and balancing surface water. In this way we prevent bad smells and combat harmful algae such as blue-green algae.


By efficiently generating micro and nano bubbles, water is made oxygen rich and waste products and excess nutrients are reduced. No chemicals are used in this process and was developed in "fish farming" where the technique has been used an a big scale in salt water for decades.

 Into-Trench is exclusive sales agent for the Aero 800-8, developed by Dutch Orange Trading.


Below is a representation in which a natural pool (Het Kralings Zwembad) with a size of approximately 8,000,000 liters is treated. Oxygen is added, but especially phosphate (PO4) is reduced. The first results are already clearly visible within two weeks. reduced algae formation and visibility in the water has improved significantly!

The elements that blue algae feed on have been reduced drastically:

nutrients 2.png
OA 8000 03_23I5456.jpg

What swimmers say:

" I swim here every day. In recent weeks I have noticed that the water is cleaner. In my used swimwear, it is noticeable that there is less mess"

"I have a slight allergy to algae. After swimming, I always suffer from a rash. Now that you mention it, the rash has been significantly less in recent weeks!"

We already have seen substantial improvement in visibility, absence af blue algae and the water looks a lot more attractive:


Visibility improved from:                                     42 cm to 78cm   

The average e-coli count:                                    reduced by 55%  

The average intestinal entorococs count:            reduced by 58%  

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